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Cultural and Social Activities Award

Established in spring 2002, the Cultural and Social Activities Award is presented each year during the Christmas Concert in the University Hall.


The Cultural and Social Activities Award is given to a group of members of staff, an academic group or an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to enhancing employee satisfaction and a sense of community at the University of Oslo – for example, by taking a new approach to conditions in the work place, improving the physical environment or spreading enthusiasm and satisfaction in other ways.

Nomination process

If you know of an individual or group at UiO that you believe deserves this award, please send your nomination to the Committee for Cultural and Social Activities by 11th November 2019.

The letter of nomination must give the name of the candidate or group being nominated and a short statement as to why the candidate(s) are deserving of the award. Please note that the letter of nomination must be signed by at least five members of staff in permanent positions at the University of Oslo.

Nominate a candidate

We hope to receive a wide variety of nominations that reflect the diversity and breadth of activity at the University of Oslo. Perhaps we can recognise efforts that otherwise do not receive special notice within the university community.

Previous award winners

  • 2018: Higher Executive Officer Gry Stubberud, Helsam
  • 2017: Cathrine Vollelv, Svein Jakob Saltveit and Åge Brabrand at the Natural History Museum
  • 2016: UiODoc (Interest organisation for PhDs and Potsdocs at UiO). 
  • 2015: Unikor (UiO's choir for members of staff).
  • 2014: Kirsti Strøm Bull, Professor
  • 2013: Finn-Erhard Johannessen, Professor
  • 2012: Eivind Bratlie, curator at Museum of Cultural History
  • 2011: Karl Andre Norli, Adviser, International Education Office
  • 2010: Trond Harr, Head of Finances, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • 2009: Tom Tannæs, Head Engineer, Center for Information Technology
  • 2008: The gardners in the Botanical gardens, Museum of Natural History
  • 2007: Kristin Bakken, Project Manager, and John Peter Collett, Professor
  • 2006: Marit Aukrusttrædet, Operations Manager, Technical Department
  • 2005: Toril Enger, Principal Engineer, Museum of Natural History
  • 2004: Bedriftsidrettslaget
  • 2003: Håvard Tønnesen, Principal Engineer, Institute for Basic Medical Sciences
  • 2002: Nils Bøckman, Area Director, Nedre Blindern Works and Maintenance
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