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Apply for holiday

Be sure to follow current routines when applying for taking, transfer or advance of your holiday, in order to ensure that registration in the University's salary and personnel system SAPUiO is in accordance with your entitlements. You can check your holiday quota in the HR portal. Read more about your entitlement to take holidays.

Apply for holiday

Apply for holiday without earned holiday pay

Even if you have not earned holiday pay, you have the right to take holiday. All holidays must be agreed with the nearest manager.

  • If you joined UiO before 1 October you are allotted the full holiday quota of 5 weeks (25 days) without pay. If you joined UiO after 1 October  you are allotted a holiday quota of 1 week (5 days) without pay.
  • When you take holidays without pay, you will be deducted on the next salary payment.
  • Holidays can only be taken as full working days off.
  • Apply for holidays without pay in the HR portal, see user guide. Go to the HR portal (opens in new tab).

Apply for transfer of holiday

Apply for holiday taken in advance


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