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Holiday and parental leave

If you wish to use your holiday entitlement while on parental leave, you should be aware of the special terms that apply.


Holiday postpones parental leave

  • When you take holiday during your parental leave, NAV will stop paying parental benefit and the parental leave period will be extended.
  • Your manager must agree with you taking holiday during your parental leave period and your case handler at the parental leave team (e-mail) must be informed about this before  you submit an application for postponement ( (online in Norwegian) to NAV.
  • You will be paid 100% salary during your holiday.
  • The 6 first weeks of parental leave after birth are reserved for the mother and must be taken concurrently. Therefore, it is not possible to postpone parental benefit in order to take holiday during these 6 weeks.

Option of 21 days of holiday

  • You have the option of postponing your parental benefit period by up to 21 days of holiday, which is the statutory holiday period.
  • The other 4 days are set through collective bargaining agreements and can be taken at the end of the parental leave period or be transferred to the next year. Note: If the mother uses her holiday entitlements immediately after her parental leave period, the father/co-mother must apply for postponement of the paternal quota.

Using transferred holiday or taking holiday in advance

Holiday cannot be taken on public holidays

  • Sundays and statutory public holidays are not holiday days.
  • Therefore, it is no possible to postpone the parental leave by taking holiday on public holidays.
  • Example: If you take holiday in the Easter week, you only take 3 three days of holiday since Maudy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. Similarly, the leave is postponed by 3 and not 6 days. The public holidays are considered as days where you receive parental benefit.

Transfer of holiday

  • If you have parental leave and do not apply for a postponement of parental benefit when taking holiday, your may postpone your holiday to another period in the same holiday year.
  • Up to 14 days of holiday can be transferred to the next holiday year, see regulations for transfer of holiday. Note that the upper limit of 14 days also applies if you have been on parental leave.


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