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Entitlement to salary from UiO during parental leave

As an employee of UiO your salary will continue to be paid by UiO during your parental leave if you are entitled to parental benefit from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

Requirements receive salary from UiO

When can UiO make advance payments of parental benefit from NAV?

If there is no doubt regarding your right to parental benefit from NAV, UiO can make advance payments of parental benefit and pay your salary from the first day of leave, even if NAV has not completed the processing of your application for parental leave. This occurs in the following cases:

  1. When you have been employed by UiO for six months or more before you take the leave.
  2. When you have been employed by UiO for less than six months, but have been employed by another Norwegian employer for the last six months before you started at UiO.
  3. When on an annual basis you have received pensionable income of at least half of the basic amount (G) in the National Insurance Scheme.

When can UiO not make advance payments of parental benefit from NAV?

When UiO is in doubt as to whether you fulfil the conditions for the right to parental benefit, UiO cannot pay your salary for the leave period before NAV has made a decision regarding parental benefit. UiO will in such cases grant unpaid leave. As soon as a decision is made by NAV, UiO will pay your salary (and if relevant pay in arrears) in line with the decision reached by NAV.

Examples of cases of doubt:

  • You have not been employed at UiO for six months before your first day of leave and are unable to provide documentation of salary (of more than 1/2 basic amount) from a Norwegian employer for the last six months before you were employed by UiO.
  • You have spent more than six months abroad in the last year.
  • You will be living abroad for more than 12 months during your period of parental leave.
  • You will adopt abroad and wish to start your parental leave abroad when taking over the care of the child.
  • Your residence permit in Norway expires during your parental leave.
  • Only the father/co-mother is entitled to parental benefit and the mother has a foreign employer or a foreign study location documenting the activity requirement.
  • The refund from NAV to UiO stops during the parental leave without valid explanation.
  • You have earned entitlement to parental benefit from a foreign employer and your parental benefit are based on the aggregation clause.


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Published Sep. 20, 2017 2:13 PM - Last modified Sep. 25, 2018 11:41 PM