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Standards of teaching, supervision, examination and other required work at the Faculty of Medicine


In the teaching duty account teaching time is calculated in the following way: (time from-to)/60 min

Teaching form

Teaching form Adopted standard
Lecture 4,0
Clinic 4,0
Seminar 3,0
Problem-based learing 2,0
Case-based learning 2,0
Team-based learning 4,0
Clinical small groups 2,5
Other group teaching 2,0
Course 4,0
Department service No credit in the teacing duty account
Praxis placement No credit in the teacing duty account
Sit in on classes No credit in the teacing duty account
Present for students 0,5


Role Working hours
Head of examination committee
Responsible for examiniation work
70 hours per semester
Member of the examiniation committee 50 hours per semester
Head of 10 credit course 40 hours per semester
Head of 5 credit course 20 hours per semester
Oral examiniaton, preparation, execution, and evaluation/OSCE Standard time x 1,5 hours
Clincal examination, preparation, execution, and evaluation Standard time x 2 hours
Censoring of written examination paper 1 hour
Censoring of master thesis 10 hours
Journal marking 20 minutes per journal

Group sizes

Teaching form Adopted standard
Lecture Entire class
Clinic (with patient present) Parts of class
Seminar Parts of class
Course Parts of class
Team-based learning Entire class
Student-activating learing (KBL, PBL, discussion group) 10
Clinical small group 2-8
Teacher-supervised group teaching 20-25


Master supervision

One credit entitles to one hour of supervision:

Task Hours
Master thesis 60 credits 60
Master thesis 30 credits 30
Project thesis in medicin 20 credits 20

PhD supervision

Guide Hours
Professor 80 hours per candidate, whereof 40 hours are accounted to research and 40 hours are accounted to teaching - restricted to </= 4 candidates
Professor II 80 hours per candidate, whereof the entire 80 hours are accounted to research

Working hours for combined teaching and research positions

  • For teaching and research positions a normal distribution of 50-50 between research and teaching is observed over time within the framework of the individual unit and, as a rule, correspondingly for the individual academic staff.
  • Teaching time for professor II combined with a clinical position at the university hospitals is 203 hours. The other professors II have teaching time according to the provision stated above or the agreement with the funder.

Credit for other work

  • Credit for other work is restricted to >/= 15 % of the position percentage.
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