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How to post (posting line)

UiO has a new finance model. The finance model consists of a posting line with dimensions and equivalent relationships.

UiO’s old posting line comprised: type (account) – project – site – measures – counterparty (art (konto)-prosjekt- sted- tiltak –motpart).

New posting line

The new posting line comprises:
account – cost centre – project – sub-project – facility/employee no. – building/work package (konto –koststed – prosjekt – delprosjekt – anlegg/ ansattnr. – bygg/ arbeidspakke)

To order an item, post in Unit 4, repost or submit a travel and subsistence claim form, as a general rule you need to use three of these dimensions.

The most common posting dimensions:

  • Account: describes what you are buying. See common BOTT account chart (Excel) (Norwegian).
  • Cost centre: describes to whom the cost belongs. There will be a new 8-digit code for cost centre. Cost centre is no longer equivalent to the site code. See overview for coding system and forms (Norwegian).
  • Sub-project: a sub-project is associated with one and only one specific project. When posting to a sub-project, the system will derive which project this belongs to. For an overview of the sub-projects at your unit, contact your finance function. This dimension replaces measures.

The other dimensions:

  • Project: says something about which project the cost belongs to. It is not possible to post to projects, as this is derived automatically.
  • Facility/employee no.: facility and employee no. retrieves information from the facility module and the payroll system (SAP), respectively.
  • Building/Work package: Some projects will have work packages associated with the project as an additional dimension for detailing.

Example of new account line

Account Cost centre (1) Project Sub-project no. Facility/employee no. retrieved

Building/Work package
As required





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