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Extended affiliation for pensioner and emeritus

Pensioners and emeriti who wish to make unpaid contributions relevant to UiO’s activities, first and foremost related to research, may be offered extended affiliation with UiO without being employed.

In addition, UiO has a broad range of welfare offers for pensioners.

Possible activities

Activities a pensioner can be involved in upon own initiative and without pay may include:

  • continuing and finalizing research projects
  • dissemination and popularization
  • mentor activities, support for new and/or younger employees
  • project participation
  • participation in/development of networks
  • other relevant work

Access to UiO's infrastructure

What the offer to the pensioner is to encompass is subject to individual consideration and decided by the unit manager.

Examples may include access to:

  • a virtual work space, with access to the Internet, databases, analysis tools
  • standard IT tools, software updates, user support
  • libraries, reading rooms, physical work station
  • e-mail address, web presentation of own projects, registration of publications in databases
  • administrative support services
  • science equipment, consumer articles, chemicals
  • technical support, laboratory services

Note: Access to UiO's infrastructure requires that the pensioner has been assigned the guest role of Emeritus in UiO's payroll and personnel system, see routine for registration as guest in SAPUiO.


Extended affiliation to UiO must be regulated in an written agreement between the pensioner and the responsible manager, see agreement template (odt) (Norwegian).

Examples of content of the agreement include:

  • the purpose of the pensioner’s continued affiliation with the University of Oslo
  • agreement period
  • specification of the content of the affiliation offer
  • the pensioner’s reporting to the unit’s management on the status and development of the work
  • that the pensioner must familiarize himself/herself with and adhere to the University of Oslo’s guidelines on health, safety and the environment
  • rules for using IT
  • other special conditions pertaining to the specific activity that should be regulated

As a rule, such agreements are only valid for one year at the time.

UiO guidelines

Read the complete Guidelines for offers to pensioners of extended affiliation with UiO.

Local guidelines, routines and forms

See the Norwegian webpage for local guidelines, routines and forms issued by certain units.

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