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Follow-up of senior employees

UiO’s agreement on senior policy measures comprises employees from 60 to 70 years of age. The senior policy shall contribute to enabling the University to make use of the skills, knowledge and expertise that the University’s older employees represent, and to ensuring that UiO’s seniors have a meaningful working situation.

The main principles of the senior employee policy

Important goals of the senior employee policy are to ensure that senior employees:

  • feel in control of their own working situation
  • consider themselves seen and appreciated by their immediate superior
  • experience their work tasks as challenging and meaningful

Individual solutions shall be adapted based on a combination of UiO’s needs for competencies and personnel and the individual’s needs.

Senior appraisal interview

When employees at UiO reach the age of 60, they shall participate in a senior appraisal interview. This is an interview with their leader/manager with respect to status and further development. The interview shall map the individual senior’s wishes and ambitions, future prospects and need for competency development, and shall form the basis for planning a future working situation.

In preparation for the senior interview, employees who pass 60 in the current year should be encouraged to attend a senior course (Norwegian) prior to the senior interview.

Extra days off (seniors' days)

  • Government employees receive eight extra days off per year from the year they Reach 62. In addition, UiO provides employees who are over 62 four extra days off, which amounts to 12 extra days off with pay annually. The 12-day quota is valid for a calendar year and is based on full-time position.
  • These extra days can be taken as full days, either consecutively in periods or as single days. The time off can also be taken in the form of reduced daily, weekly or monthly working hours as agreed with your manager.
  • The quota of 12 days applies to a calendar year and is based on 100 % position. For part-time positions, the number of days off is calculated as a proportion of the full-time equivalent/work schedule and rounded up to the nearest full day. The same principle of proportional calculation applies if the employee is employed at UiO only part of the calendar year.
  • Seniors' days are not holidays. Therefore, senior days that have not been used can not be transferred or paid out as salary, see Basic Collective Agreements section. 5.6 (Norwegian) (
  • Seniors' days are registered as absenteeism with Senior paid leave in the HR portal.
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