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UiO's personnel policy

UiO’s personnel policy is a common platform in which the human resources management of the whole university must be anchored. The personnel policy shall provide a basis for consistent practice in human resources management. Here the main points are outlined in brief.


Important values: employees shall have meaningful tasks, individual development opportunities, a good working environment and an institutional culture characterised by a high level of professional and social commitment.


UiO shall actively use all available means of recruiting and retaining attractive expertise, adapted to the university’s own priorities and the needs of the community.

Personnel follow-up and competency development

The individual manager is responsible for actively following up his or her staff, among other things through regular performance appraisal interviews. Tasks shall be individually adapted to meet both UiO’s needs for its activities and the individual staff member’s qualifications, life phase and life situation.

Employee participation

Employees shall be given individual influence in and responsibility for their own work. At the same time, the knowledge and experience of the trade unions shall be drawn on in the operation and development of UiO.

Salary policy

Salary policy forms an integral part of UiO’s personnel policy, and shall contribute to ensuring a predictable and consistent practice in the determining of the individual employee’s salary level.

Working conditions for academic staff and researchers

UiO actively supports the EU initiative to strengthen researchers' working conditions and to implement the Charter and Code. Further development of academic staff's working conditions and career is a key objective of UiO's Strategy 2020 and the subject of several ongoing projects.

Senior employees

UiO’s agreement on senior policy measures comprises employees from 60 to 70 years of age. The senior policy shall contribute to enabling the University to make use of the skills, knowledge and expertise that the University’s older employees represent, and to ensuring that UiO’s seniors have a meaningful working situation.

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