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Gender equality work

Work with gender equality is a strategic matter for the University of Oslo, which has undertaken to ensure that gender equality permeates all its activities. This also applies to faculties, museums and centres.

This page is aimed at all managers and employees who have an active role in the design and implementation of UiO's gender equality policy.

UiOs gender equality policy


UiO's diversity, gender equality and inclusion policy is anchored in Strategy 2030 and specified in:

How is the gender equality work organised?

Responsibilities and roles

The following actors play key roles in the development and implementation of UiO's gender equality policy:

  • The Rectorate: The Rectorate has the overall responsibility for ensuring that targeted gender equality work is conducted at UiO.
  • Line management: The direct responsibility for work with gender equality lies with deans, head of departments, center managers and other managers with responsibility for personnel and / or study matters. These people must ensure that gender equality work is integrated within their area of responsibility. They must actively contribute to gender equality and follow up the university's gender equality policy and action plans.
  • The University of Oslo has appointed a special Gender Equality Coordination Group (Norwegian) with representatives from the management at the faculties and museums, the gender research environment and the student body. The primary task of the group is to contribute to strategic discussions and set gender equality objectives at the University of Oslo.
  • The University of Oslo has a Equality Adviser who works on following-up and developing the University’s gender equality policy. The Equality Adviser is affiliated with the Department of Personnel Support.

Local action plans

UiO's action plan confirms that UiO's units are responsible for preparing local action plans / measures in annual plans, and follow up the work within their area of responsibility:

Gender equality initiatives in 2021

Gender equality work at UiO has the following focus areas in 2021:

Monitoring and reporting on gender equality

Follow-up of overall policy and action plans is regularly reported to the University Board in connection with UiO's annual report.

Gender equality reports

UiO's units are asked to report annually on their work in the field. This happens in December every year. This reporting is part of the gender equality report. The units must report in:

  • Work with equality and gender balance
  • Work with diversity and inclusion
  • Use of gender equality funds
  • Discrimination and harassment

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