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Procurement process

If UiO has signed a framework agreement for a particular area, this must be used. If there is no suitable framework agreement available, you must initiate a procurement process. An overview of UiO’s framework agreements can be found in the contract catalogue.

Applicable requirements regarding the implementation of the procurement process depend on the value and importance of the purchase. Deliberately splitting a purchase to pass below the NOK 100 000 excl. VAT threshold is not permitted.

Remember to consider VAT when estimating the budget for the purchase. Not all price quotes include VAT, and this must be taken into account when planning the purchase. This applies to purchases from suppliers abroad in particular, who will invariably quote 0 VAT on the price, although VAT will be charged upon payment of the invoice.

Choose amount:

Less than NOK 100 000 NOK excl. VAT.

The procurement process

  • shall be undertaken in each individual unit
  • shall be proportionate to the value and importance of the purchase
  • If the purchase is of a considerable value, price quotes and other conditions should be obtained from multiple suppliers so as to undertake the most financially advantageous purchase for the University of Oslo.


No documentation is required for procurements of a value below NOK 100 000. If price quotes have been obtained, the winning quote must be attached to the order in the procurement system. If appropriate, a contract can be drawn up. Such appropriateness must be assessed in light of the value and complexity of the purchase. The contract must be attached to the order, if relevant.

Template for collection of price quotes and formulation of contracts:

Unit with its own routine

More than NOK 100 000 NOK excl. VAT.

The Procurement Office (SI) undertakes all procurement processes that exceed NOK 100 000 in value for all units, with the exception of units that have separate purchasing officers responsible for large amounts. SI will manage the procurement processes in collaboration with the funding unit.

The procurement must be reported to the Procurement Office.

The report must include, as a minimum:

  • Type of procurement (category)
  • Description of needs
  • Expected size of the procurement in terms of volume/price
  • Desired time for initiation of the procurement
  • Contact person for the procurement
  • Person with budget responsibility for the procurement
  • A separate report must be submitted for each procurement


Units that have their own purchasing officers responsible for large amounts

Between NOK 100 000 and NOK 500 000

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Museum of Cultural History
  • Estate Department: contact
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

More than NOK 500 000

Contact: Find your purchasing officer

Time frame

Implementing a procurement process takes time and should be planned well in advance.

We at the Procurement Office apply an approximate time frame. If we are short on capacity, some delay may be expected.


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