EEA grants and Norway grants

Photo from grants event in Warsaw. Photo: Mateusz Pieczko/

The EEA and Norway Grants, known in Norwegian as  "EØS-midlene", provide funding for collaboration with excellent research and education milieus in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe who are looking for Norwegian partners. Linkages between research and education are encouraged.

Countries participating

The grants provide funding for collaboration between institutions in Norway and specific beneficiary EU countries. Main areas of collaboration for the UiO are research, mobility and educational Projects.


How can you participate?

Have you been approached by a potential partner who plans to apply for project funding?  Are you new to the grants, or do you have previous experience? See our tips for how to proceed.

How it works

  • The application process
  • Regular projects
  • Preparatory visits

Advice to Norwegian project partners

Read more about the partner finding stage, project proposal stage, project agreement, and where to get help.

UiO's past experience with the Grants

The UiO had a number of successful partnerships during the previous edition of the Grants which ended in 2017. An evaluation of the Research programmes indicates that researchers from both beneficiary and donor countries are accruing substantial benefits through the project collaboration.

Showcasing Countries