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Routines for the initiation of research projects in HELSAM

UiO is the responsible institution for our research projects and this responsibility has been delegated to the Heads of Department in HELSAM via the Quality assurance System. These routines will ensure that we take on these responsibilities whenever a new research project is initiated in HELSAM.

Who can be a project leader?

In accordance with the quality assurance system, a project leader must be a permanently employed member of staff in an academic position. This individual must have a doctorate degree as well as a research background that is relevant to the theme of the research project. This ensures that project leader obligations are fulfilled regardless of the duration and specific objectives of each research project.

The term, ‘project leader’ in this instance is distinct from its use in other places such as in applications for research funding, where the term can have different implications.

Research projects

All research projects that are subject to the Health Research Act must be registered in UiO’s research overview database called Forskpro and must receive internal prior-approval from the Institute before ethical approval applications can be sent to REC. Research projects that are not subject to the Health Research Act must also receive internal prior-approval from the Institute and be registered in Forskpro. Registration of research projects in Forskpro as well as the uploading of relevant approval documents in Forskpro can only be done by the project leader (as defined above). A project cannot commence before written internal prior-approval is received. As a general rule, it is the Head of Department, upon delegation by the Head of Institute, who issues the internal prior-approval of research projects. The Head of Institute issues the internal prior-approval for research projects where a Head of Department is also the project leader.

Guidelines for the registration of research projects

Register/Edit a project in Forskpro

Master’s degree projects

Master’s degree projects are subject to internal quality assurance and approval processes developed for each master’s degree program. The supervisors and the master’s degree students are responsible for ensuring that their respective projects have all the necessary approvals before the project can commence.  The supervisor that satisfies the project leader specifications, as per the quality assurance system and as defined above, is responsible for ensuring adherence to the quality assurance guidelines as well as for the registration of the project in Forskpro. The process of input of project information into Forskpro is the same regardless of whether the project in question is a master’s degree project or a standard research project.


Follow the routine for the Admission of PhD candidates to HELSAM. The routines for the internal approval of PhD projects as well as the registration of such projects in Forskpro are similar to the routines that apply to standard researcher projects. The responsibility for ensuring adherence to these routines lies with the project leader who must satisfy the project leader specifications, as defined above.


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The university is responsible for ensuring that research by staff and students is carried out within a framework designed in line with the University Act, the Public Administration Act, the Health Research Act and the Personal Information Act. The Institute has been delegated the responsibility for ensuring the implementation of this framework for all of our research projects. In addition to the institute-level responsibilities, the students and project leaders are responsible for ensuring that research projects are carried out in accordance to recognized scientific and ethical principles.

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