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Showing other calendars

Here we show you what to do if you want to view shared calendars or another user's calendar.

It is often useful to be able to view your colleagues' calendar. You can find out if it is likely that the person concerned is in the office, on holiday or if they can join in on lunch. In Outlook, you can view multiple calendars at once.

Viewing another calendar

1. Right click Other Calendar. Select Add Calendar from the menu, and select what type of calendar you want to view.

  • To view the calendar of a colleague at the University of Oslo, select From Address Book, which contains the address list for all employees at the University.
  • To view a private calendar, such as the Google Calendar of a soccer team or your family's private calendar, select From the Internet.


View multiple calendars

If you have multiple calendars open at once, you can select different views. Basically, they are shown separately, but you can merge them by clicking on the arrow at the top of the calendar.

Showing multiple calendars

This displays the different calendars in the same window but in different colors. Click the arrow at the top of the window again to separate the view again.

Visning i samme kalender

You may also combine different display modes:

Visning i samme kalender og separat

To close the calendar, deselect it in the navigation pane. If you remove the check marks from all calendars, only your own calendar will be displayed.

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