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Privacy and data protection

Processing personal data is regulated in the Norwegian Personal Data Act. Before you collect, archive, store or process personal data, you need to know what you are allowed to do and what is prohibited by law. If you have questions, please send an e-mail in English or Norwegian to

If the University of Oslo is the data controller, a risk assessment must be completed before the Data Processor agreement is valid. If you have questions, please send an e-mail in English or Norwegian to

Data Processor Agreement

  • Download the Data Processor Agreement in odt or word format.

Information for student supervisors

When using health information, sensitive personal information or other personal information in a bachelor or master’s thesis, you, as a supervisor, must also be aware that there are a number of requirements for such use and that the students must have the right permissions before the work can get started.

What responsibilities does the student supervisors have for the personal information to participants (informants or respondents) in student research?

Student supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the privacy of respondents or informants in student research, at a bachelor or master’s level, is taken into consideration by the student.

The student supervisor’s task includes the following tasks:

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