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Your rights in the event of long-term sick leave

You are entitled to full pay from the University for illness lasting up to one year. This applies to both partial and full sick leave. You may use your holiday leave while on sick leave. This will extend the duration of your full pay while on sick leave.

Termination date for sickness benefits

  • The last day of payment of sickness benefits from NAV is called the termination date.
  • You are entitled to sickness benefits for up to 49 weeks and 5 calendar days.
  • The first 16 calendar days that you are absent do not count because they are covered by the employer.
  • The termination date will be provided by NAV, and will be calculated on the basis of the sickness benefits that you have been paid during the last 3 years.

Information from UiO

Holiday entitlement

  • Using your holiday entitlement will affect the termination date.
  • If you use holiday entitlement while you are sick, NAV will stop payment of your sickness benefits for the duration of your holiday, and the termination date for your sickness benefits is thus postponed.
  • If you are on partial sick leave, you must take holidays as you would normally.
  • If you are on full sick leave, you can choose to use your entire holiday entitlement or transfer holiday days not taken to next year.
  • Read more about sickness and holiday.
  • Read more about registering holiday while on long-term sick leave.
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