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General information about handling reported cases

  • All enquiries shall be taken seriously and handled in accordance with UiO's procedures for reporting censurable conditions.
  • Cases that have been reported shall comply with the regulations contained in the Norwegian Public Administration Act relating to administrative procedures, i.e. the rules relating to contradiction, the duty to investigate, and the duty to provide guidance.
  • All cases shall be dealt with in confidence. This means that the identity of whoever reports a case and whoever has been reported shall not be revealed to any more people than those necessary for the future processing of the case.
  • The rules on confidentiality apply when handling cases that have been reported. All cases shall be dealt with in confidence.
  • Employees who submit reports about censurable conditions or behaviour shall be protected from retaliation, and shall be able to use the reporting system without any fear of the consequences.
  • Anonymous reports shall be investigated/processed. Anonymous sources may be just as important as open sources.
  • If an employee reports their line manager for circumstances relating to bullying, discrimination, threats, violence, abuse, or any other forms of harassment, the manager’s manager shall take over personnel responsibility for that employee while the case being reported is processed. The employee shall be notified about who has taken over temporary personnel responsibility.  
  • The follow-up of cases that have been reported cannot be delegated to managers who are below level 3.

For whoever will be following up a case

  • Consider the need for immediate measures. 
  • Consider your impartiality. Contact the Department for Personnel Support if you need any help with assessing this. 
  • Draw up a timetable that describes the process and the time frame for following up the case.
  • Maintain your neutrality – do not draw any conclusions in advance or while the case is being processed – be objective.
  • The employer has a duty of care for both parties and shall ensure a proper working environment. Contact the Occupational Health Service if necessary.
  • Confidentiality is important when handling cases that have been reported. You should therefore carefully consider how much information you should give to other employees during and after the case in order to maintain a good working environment. If necessary discuss this with whoever the case applies to.
  • Document all activities relating to the case.

Dealing with the media

  • Be aware that the media may be very interested in the case.
  • Remember that you have a duty of confidentiality and that you cannot comment on personnel cases to the media.
  • Clarify with the faculty, and if necessary with the main UiO authorities, about who should speak to the press and what information can be released.
  • Requests for access from the media or others are handled in accordance with the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act.
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