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Procedures for using one's working capital SAI

  1. Use of amounts over NOK 5000 shall be applied for.
  2. Academic staff may use up to a limit of NOK 25 000 annually.
  3. The deadline for applications to use working capital and stimulation funds for the current year is the 30th November. Applications can be made continuously throughout the year.
  4. Both the administration and academic employees are obliged to keep one another updated on how much resources are used.

The Department of Social Anthropology has the following guidelines for use of departmental working capital during fieldwork. The rules are approved by the board, and apply to fieldwork with more than four weeks duration:

  • The Department covers expenses for transport, accommodation, interpretation and other expenses connected to the field work. It is important to keep receipts.
  • Expenses for food are not covered while on fieldwork. These expenses would also have been incurred if you had been at home.
  • Many of the Department's employees conduct fieldwork in places where it is difficult to keep documentation for all expenses. If it proves to be difficult to document expenses, the Department will pay out living expenses in accordance with government rates for up to 1/3 of the duration of the trip.
  • On longer fieldwork use of departmental funds must be agreed with the Department's leadership prior to departure.

The Department's board decided to end the scheme of stimulation funds in 2010. (Employees with accrued stimulation funds from earlier can apply to use these, for example in connection with use of sabbatical leave)

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