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Innovation and commercialisation

The University of Oslo would like to support you in developing your ideas and contributing to making a difference in the world. Here you find information on innovation support services and other means available at UiO.

Announcement of funds for innovation and development 2022

The University of Oslo announces funds for developments of new products, technology or service solutions with commersial potential.

UiO has dedicated 5 million NOK in 2022 for early phase support for innovation projects. Two categories of funding are available: 

  • innovation seed funding of up to 50 000 NOK per project
  • innovation grants of up to 400 000 NOK per project

Application deadline: August 15

Life Science Growth House

The Life Science Growth House helps researchers and students to mature early-stage ideas. The Growth House provides tailored counselling, seed funding, meeting places, innovation mentor programmes and student internships.

Inven2 AS

Inven2 AS is UiO’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and is responsible for receiving and evaluating research results obtained at the University of Oslo which have a potential for commercial exploitation.

Innovation methods: Design Thinking

To succeed with developing your ideas, it is important to work systematically and creatively. There are different tools and frameworks that can be useful in developing beneficial innovations. Using the elements of Design Thinking is one way to ensure a good innovation process.

Other useful information

Employee rights

In cases where UiO acquires an employee’s rights to research results, the employee has a right to remuneration from UiO. UiO has implemented a policy on rights which regulates any net income as follows: one-third to the inventor/employee, one-third to UiO and one-third to Inven2 AS.

Duty to report

University employees have a duty to notify Inven2 of research results with commercial potential that are obtained by employees during their work for the university. If you are in doubt as to whether your research results have commercial potential, contact Inven2 AS.

Publishing in connection with commercialisation

Employees have the right to publish, but if it is intended to commercialize the invention, Inven2 AS must be contacted so that the rights to the results are secured before publishing takes place. If the rights are not secured before publication, it will mean that the invention cannot be commercialized. Other conditions for publishing are:

  • that notification of the intention to publish is given at the same time as the research results are reported to Inven2 AS
  • that any agreement with a third party must not prevent publishing or commercialization by UiO