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UiO:Management and support units

UiO's EU-Office

The office provides guidance to the University Management, research advisers and researchers throughout the entire EU project phases. Some of the most important tasks are:

  • Institutional contact point for the EU Commission
  • Responsible for following up UiO's portfolio of EU projects
  • Contract negotiations

Responsibility for daily operations of the EU projects lies within the faculties and departments, but the UiO's EU-Office also provides guidance and support when needed.


Inquiries to the EU-Office should be directed to the e-mail:

Read more about EU funding at the UiO

The Research Council of Norway

Vibeke Alm


Publication and Cristin

Quality assurance system for health and medical research

Research training

The joint study administration (FS)

Read about support for the joint study administration system (FS). In Norwegian.


Contact the Department of academic administration at

Other questions?

Contact the relevant person in the Department of academic administration, or send an e-mail to the group.

USIT: IT-services for Research

Faculty of Humanities


Department of Culture studies and Oriental Languages


F-team consists of:

Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas

Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History

Department of Media and Communiactions

Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages

Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies

Department of Musicology

Faculty of Law


Department of Criminology and the Sociology of Law

Department of Private Law

Department of Public and International Law

Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law

Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


MN EU-team is located in the Physics building, the eastern wing, 2nd floor:

Department of Geosciences

Department of Physics

Department of Mathematics

Department of Informatics

Department of Biosciences

Faculty of Medicine


Institute of Basic Medical Science

Contact Research Support by email:

Institute of Health and Society

Contact Section for Research Administration Helsam by email:

Institute of Clinical Medicine

Contact the Klinmed research support team by email 

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Psychology

Department of Social Anthropology

Department of Sociology and Human Geography

Department of Political Science

Department of Economics

TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture

Centre for European Studies (Arena)

UiO: Energi

Faculty of Theology

Contact in the Faculty administration:


Faculty of Educational Sciences

Faculty administration

Department of Education

Department of Special Needs Education

Department of Teacher Education and School Research

  • Head of Department Dijana Tiplic (Attestation and authorisation/ BDM, authorised applications and consortium agreements)
  • Research Advisor Toril Eggen (Support research applications, consortium agreements, information and support funding, proposals and deadlines )
  • Head of Research Alfredo Jornet Gil (Information funding, proposals and projects)
  • Research Advisor Eli Kristiansen Kåsamoen (Administration PhD)
  • Senior Executive Officer Sandra R. Nielsen (Administration PhD, applications with external funding)
  • Senior Engineer Torgeir Christiansen (Teaching Learning Video Lab, TLVlab)
  • Senior Adviser Maria Dikova (QUINT)

Museum of Cultural History

Adviser Tone Wang 

Contact-points for externally funded projects:

Natural History Museum

Centre for Gender Research (STK)

Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM)

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Super users for Cristin  (in Norwegian)

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