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International research cooperation

The University has a broad international network, and international cooperation is part of everyday life for most researchers. Below, you will find information about roles and responsibilities for the administration of international cooperation.

UiO at the central level

International cooperation agreements between institutions involving commitments at any level which the University of Oslo must honour, must be negotiated at the institutional level, i.e. by the Department of Research Administration and/or the Department of Student Affairs. All such agreements are signed by the Rector.

Also joint projects under the EU Framework Programmes, the EEA Grants and certain other programmes, applications and contracts must be signed by the University Director or by the Director of Research Administration and/or the Director of Student Affairs in the absence of the University Director.

The Department of Academic Administration may:

  • Assist in and promote the identification of potential partners and the development of contacts with institutions abroad.
  • Assist in the identification of potential and relevant funding sources.
  • Offer support with regard to contract negotiations, IPR and other legal issues.
  • Provide information and templates for cooperation agreements with institutions abroad.

The Faculty

The Faculty (represented by the Dean/s) is responsible for ensuring that international cooperation is in line with the academic priorities and partnership strategies of the Faculty. For certain programmes and in the case of large projects, Faculty approval is required for applications and contracts. Check the individual programmes for further information.

Administrative support for international cooperation may be offered by faculty staff responsible for research administration, accounting and internationalisation. They can offer advice on the choice of partners, the development of applications, and the various aspects of implementing projects.

Funds available for internationalisation activities

The Faculties have some funds available for internationalisation activities such as:

  • guest researcher visits
  • development of researcher networks
  • for preparing applications for international research programmes

The academic unit

The academic unit (department, section, centre i.e.) may initiate formalised cooperation with international partners. Points of departure may be guest researcher visits, exchange of doctoral students and/or other joint activities. A next step may be joint research projects.

The academic unit is normally the project owner and the individual researcher project leader/coordinator in applications for funding or contracts for joint research projects.

The head of the academic unit (or other designated person) is responsible for assessing the suitability of proposed international partners and projects at unit level.

The academic unit is also responsible for practical support for guest researchers (Norwegian pages). See also the support site for international researchers. Departments and academic units should facilitate network building.

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