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Structure and searches

The Cristin system is made up of various modules. The main ones are described below. Here you can also find out how to perform searches in Cristin.

Modules in Cristin

Research results/NVI module

The results module contains demonstrable and finalized results of research activity. A central part is the publishing database NVI, which consists of the publications that are approved in the Ministry of Education and Research’s performance-based budgeting of research institutions model (the RBO model). This is mainly publications in the categories academic monographs, anthologies and academic articles.

The result module also contains other research results in the form of reports, popular scientific articles and books, lectures, media contributions, posters, products and exhibitions etc.

All research results that are registered are linked to the individual researcher's profile.

Research results can be exported to EndNote and Reference Manager as follows:

  • In the search interface in Cristin, you can search for publications by author, for example. A pulldown menu will appear at the top right corner of the results window.
  • Click in the pulldown menu and select the format you want to use to export the data.
  • After selecting the format, click "OK". A menu will then appear asking if you want to either open the file or save it.
  • If EndNote or Reference Manager are installed on your computer, you can open the file directly. Alternatively, you can save the file.

Researcher profile module

The researcher profile module is the researcher's "home page". You can register your CV, information on topics you are researching and on projects you are involved in, as well as references to collaboration partners.

Project module

The project module contains information about relevant projects in the research community, with a link to the researcher register and the institution register. The module will include information on individual projects etc. If the project has produced publications or other results that are registered in the results module, there will be a link between project and results.

Research unit catalogue

The research unit catalogue contains research groups, organizational units and research centres. This catalogue is suitable for internal visibility and external profiling of research groups, organizational units and research centres. The catalogue provides an overview of titles, descriptions, partners, affiliations, languages and websites.

User guidelines for the various modules are available under the menu item Registration.

Searches in Cristin

Cristin is an open system which anyone can search. The information in Cristin is easily accessible for researchers and students, the media and businesses. For example, the media can use Cristin to find a specialist to contact, and students can use Cristin to find articles published by lecturers.

Some articles are also posted in full text in the DUO digital research archive at UiO. These are also available to the general public. If you are logged in to UiO’s network, you will have access to all of the electronic journals that UiO subscribes to. There are links to articles and journals in most Cristin entries.

There are two types of searches in Cristin; simple and advanced. If you want to search for an author, article etc., click on research results/NVI in the left menu, then on "Search results". A "simple search" can be used to search by author, title and year of publication. In the "advanced search", users can also search by unit, category, language, scientific discipline, publisher, journal, post code and such like. It is possible to search using a number of references relating to a result, both for the user’s own institution and for other institutions.

An important aid in searches is the use of the asterisk * (wildcard notation). The asterisk can extend the search or replace characters. If you are unsure of a title or name, the asterisk will help you.

Simple search

Simple searches can be used to search by title, name and year of publication. If you are logged in, you can only search the institution you are logged in with.

If you are not logged in, your searches will encompass all Cristin institutions.

Advanced search

Using the advanced search function, users can search all categories that are registered for an entry. The icon for the advanced search is located at the top right corner.

In the advanced search you can search by:

  • Results related to a unit
  • Category
  • Language
  • Scientific discipline
  • Topic
  • Presentation (if a work is in connection with a project etc.)
  • Journal/ISSN
  • Publisher/publisher’s code
  • ISBN
  • Publishing channel (level)
  • Post code – when logged in
  • Created by (search for username) – when logged in
  • Revision – when logged in
  • Publishing status
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