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Access to CRIStin for UiO’s employees

The information in Cristin is open and searchable for everyone. Log-in is only required to register or manage data. All users who log in to Cristin from UiO must use Feide.

Access for all employees

All UiO employees can log in and edit information related to their own research module, as well as register publications/activities that they have been involved in. This applies to all job categories. In order for guest researchers to be assigned the equivalent editing capabilities, they must be registered on a guest form in SAP-UiO. The form must be submitted by the guest researcher’s local superuser.

Superuser network at UiO

  • UiO’s two institutional superusers are employed at the Department of Academic Administration. The institutional superusers assign superuser rights to persons at faculties and units, have read access to sensitive personal information in Cristin, and can register guests directly in Cristin.

  • 185 people at UiO have superuser rights at the faculty or unit level. These superusers can edit data associated with their own unit. They cannot see national identity numbers or register guest researchers directly in Cristin, and cannot edit data relating to units other than their own.

  • Unit superusers are appointed by the individual units. Faculty superusers coordinate the superusers in the units. Institutional superusers assign superuser rights on the basis of a request from faculty superusers.

  • Once a year, the Department of Academic Administration sends a list of unit superusers to the faculty superusers. The faculty superusers quality assure the list and notify the institutional superusers if anyone on the list should not have superuser rights for the next six months. The Department of Academic Administration updates CRIStin according to feedback from faculty superusers.

  • Twice a year (August and January), the Department of Academic Administration sends a list of unit superusers to the faculty superusers. This must be checked against the list of employees at the faculty and their duties, and be returned to the Department of Academic Administration with details of any changes. Changes could be, for example, users who have left the faculty or users whose duties have changed and therefore no longer need the same rights in Cristin as previously.

Others who have access

In addition to the superuser network at UiO, employees in the Cristin institution and in the University Centre for Information Technology (USIT) also have superuser rights and system owner rights.

Cristin has system user rights in order to:

  1. Access data in Cristin in order to provide general user support to UiO.
  2. Test production data in connection with reporting and user support.
  3. Test the deployment of new versions.
  4. Import publications to Cristin UiO, which requires access as a system user in the current system.

USIT has system user rights for the following reasons:

  1. Developers need access to the production version in order to see how the application behaves in production during debugging. A test machine will not provide the same capability.
  2. The right has been assigned by UiO since USIT's employees are employed by UiO.
  3. Testing the deployment of new Versions.

Procedure for assigning and deleting superuser rights

  • The administrative manager of the faculty/department/other unit decides who should have superuser rights at the unit, and sends a request to the institutional superusers in the Department of Academic Administration. The request must state which unit (and sub-units) the superuser should be assigned rights for, as well as which of the following modules the superuser should have editing rights in: the result module, researcher profile module and/or project module. Superuser rights are assigned after the person has completed the necessary course organized by the Department of Academic Administration.

Procedure for assigning/removing rights in Cristin:

  1. When an employee leaves Cristin, all of their rights are removed.
  2. Employees who leave UiO lose access to Cerebrum/Feide, and all of their rights are removed.
  3. Employees who need extended rights in connection with importing will be assigned system user rights.
  4. Employees who need rights for user support/debugging/testing will be assigned system owner rights in addition.

Basic course for superusers

In order to ensure that all UiO superusers have the necessary basic skills, those who require superuser rights must attend a basic course organized by the Department of Academic Administration. A basic course in Cristin is held every two months, or as needed.

Cristin security

Users must log out of Cristin when the application is not in use, for example at the end of the working day. Users must not lend their user account to other users, and passwords must not be kept in the office. Read more about this in section 3 of UiO’s IT rules (Norwegian). Non-compliance could lead to sanctions as described in the rules (section 9). The Department of Academic Administration will lock the user account if it is found that it has been used by someone other than the rightful user.

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