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What must be registered in Cristin?

The following types of publications must be registered:

  • Academic articles
  • Monographs
  • Academic articles in anthologies

Academic articles include review articles in periodicals, series and on websites (ISSN titles).

Publications in these three categories are included in the performance-based budgeting model (RBO model) and in the reporting to the Ministry of Education and Research.

Within the specified deadline, the researcher must go through all of his/her publications to check that they are registered correctly and that the list of approved publications is Complete. See Cristin's researcher pages (

Registration of other research activity

In addition to the publications that must be registered, all other types of research results can be registered in CRIStin. This includes reports, abstracts, lectures, posters, exhibitions, videos, interviews, editorials, chronicles, short and long research visits, prices, popular scientific articles, notices and other forms of media content.

How do I register as a researcher in Cristin?

The Cristin organisation is undertaking a central data import from the bibliographical data sources Scopus, Norart and BIBSYS. This means that the author affiliations in the publications should correspond to the persons and affiliations in Cristin. Scopus has very good coverage in some fields, such as medicine and natural science, whereas other areas, such as law, the humanities and social sciences, are not as well represented.

If you as a researcher find that your publications have not been included in the central data import, it is your responsibility to ensure they are registered manually.

Each author must be registered with the same affiliation(s) that he/she has given in the publication. Read more about affiliation. In addition, the authors must be identified with their 11-digit national identity number in CRIStin. They will then appear as (P) persons in the system. The authors must be registered in the same order in the Cristin entry as in the original publication.

Log in to Cristin

Brief user guidelines for registration

Registration of the Research Council of Norway’s project code

Publication data from projects will be reported using Cristin.

Joint publications

When reporting joint publications, all participating institutions have to agree on whether the material should be included in the Norwegian Science Index (NVI) report or not. This decision will be based on validation of the registered author affiliation and the registered category. If the registered author affiliation is not included in the publication, this affiliation must be removed from the Cristin entry.

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