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Before you apply

Preparation is important. Read previous applications, read up on the different funding agencies’ requirements for applications and projects. Remember to obtain approval for your project from management.

Contact local research support

When you are considering applying for funding – contact local research support at your department/centre/faculty as soon as possible.

They can help with budgeting, planning of the application process and preparing the project – and can also give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Find contact persons for research support in your facility

Funding and proposals

External funding can come from various funding agencies. Consult with colleagues and local research support to find out what may be suitable for you and your research idea.

Courses and competence development

The writing of a good application is becoming more of a specialised genre.

Different funding agencies generally have clear expectations as to how an application should be built up and what it should contain. There is also usually a requirement to adhere to specific layouts and templates.

Different types of application

What an application should look like will also depend on the type of application. For example, there is a great difference between writing an application for a research project with a project leader and a small project group, as opposed to applying as a project leader for a large coordinator project with many partner organisations. 

Read the call carefully and attend courses

Learn from previous applications

Before you apply, there may be useful lessons to be learnt from previous applications:

Approval by management

  • As principal investigator, you are responsible for obtaining approval for the project in your unit.  
  • This is typically done by head of department or head of section.
  • Approval from the manager should be documented, by e-mail or other means. 


Some units have clear deadlines for approval. 

Contact local research support to find out the deadlines for your unit.

Why should you obtain approval?

There are both academic and financial reasons why it is important to obtain support from the management. 

Remember that, almost without exception, external projects involve costs for the unit/department in addition to your research time.

Early approval makes it easier to obtain good administrative support.  

Elements that should be discussed: 

  • whether to apply - and by this deadline
  • collaborating partners 
  • research-ethical issues 
  • need for research administration support 

There is a special procedure for medical and health research internal project presentation (pdf) - see section 4.2. 

Unit pages about externally funded projects

All the faculties, some departments and our museums have local pages about externally funded projects:


Contact local research support at your department/centre/faculty 

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