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Once you've been awarded

Once you've been awarded, everything needs to be formalised. Notify the support functions of the award, and use UiO’s contract templates. Make sure you apply for the approvals needed. Man the project with the appropriate expertise within the project's economic framework conditions. 

Notify research support functions that the application has been approved

Once your application has been approved, remember to notify local research support as quickly as possible. If the project is of a certain size or type, the research support will take the initiative to a startup meeting to review work tasks, roles and responsibilities for the project period.

Contracts and cooperation agreements

Research cooperation that UiO is involved in should be based on written contracts. The main rule is that UiO’s contract templates should be used, where available.

Which template should be used in each research project will depend on how the project is funded, among other things.


The contract should be signed before project start. Read more about signing contracts (in Norwegian)

EU Contracts

The Research Support Office (FST) is responsible for negotiating EU contracts. Therefore, the applying unit should contact FST as soon as possible.

Find contact persons for researcher support in your unit

Obtain the necessary approvals

Here are some examples of some of the most common approvals that are required:

Read more about personal privacy protection for researchers (in Norwegian)

Contact points for personal privacy protection at UiO (in Norwegian)

Are you unsure about which approvals your research project requires? Contact local researcher support.

Financial framework conditions and possible revised budgeting

  • When the application is approved, the budget included in the application must be revised in accordance with actual assigned funds and planned activity.
  • A project code is created for the project in the finance system, making it easier to record and keep track of the budget and accounts of each individual project.
  • As principal investigator, you should familiarise yourself with the project’s economy in order to monitor and account for the use of funds.

If you are in any doubt about what you can use the money for, contact your project controller. 

Planning manning of the project

The revised budget specifies what will happen in the project and when it should happen. The budget also states in what positions people should be employed and when appointments are expected to be made.

The process for hiring scientific personnel is lengthy

Remember that employment in scientific positions - including postdoctoral fellows and PhD positions - can take a long time. You should therefore start this process ahead of time before employment is planned.

There is nothing to stop you preparing a draft advertisement text, even before the project has officially started.

A rule of thumb is that a position should be advertised at least six months prior to the expected/desired starting date. 

Contact your local HR staff member (in Norwegian)

Data management plan

A data management plan is a document that describes how research data should be managed during and after the project period. Funding agencies such as The Research Council of Norway and the European Union require that a data management plan be submitted within 6 months from receipt of funding. Anyone conducting research at UiO should make such a plan.

For questions or requests for courses in research data management, please contact

Unit pages about externally funded projects

All the faculties, some departments and our museums have local pages about externally funded projects:


Contact your local research support at your faculty/centre/department


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