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Quickstart Guide

Here's a quick explanation of how a course in Canvas (equivalent to a "room" in Fronter) is built and how to get started with your own course.

What is a course in Canvas?

When you open Canvas from, you'll see your dashboard. There you will find a course card that you click to open your course and any other courses you have access to.

The first time you open the course, it is empty. What you see is a page where you can add existing content or create a module:

A course in Canvas contains learning resources for the students, such as information pages about the course and syllabus, lecture page(s) with links to secondary literature or videos, assignments to be completed and handed in, quiz, discussions, co-writing projects and more.

Canvas uses a "modular" structure for courses. Often, a module contains resources associated with a lecture or a teaching week, but it is up to you as a teacher how to present your content to the students.

At the UiO we have created a template course with two modules and a home page where the modules are automatically linked. You can customize your modules and add more. You choose sor yourself whether you want to use the course template or build your own course from scratch. 

Material you want to share with the students, can be linked from an external location or from Vortex, or you can upload it to "Files" in Canvas and link it up from there. Please note that there is limited space in Canvas, so large files, such as video, should be in Vortex, for example, in a folder alongside the semster page, and linked to Canvas from there.

Further work and start of the semester

Students access the Canvas material by logging in from or from the Canvas Student app on Android or iOS.


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