FYS5810 – Physics Education in Practice

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Course content

Physics Education in Practice» is a course specifically developed for the science teacher education Master's degree programme at the University of Oslo and is offered to students specializing in physics teaching. The course is targeted at training candidates to teach in the optional physics subject in Norwegian upper secondary school (years 12 and 13). This course gives candidates practical experience with planning, designing, performing, and reflecting on teaching and learning activities in physics. The course involves theoretical components as well as practice components and gives insight into upper secondary physics classrooms. The course also gives candidates experience with reflecting on physics education research literature.

The course if one out of five «science/mathematics in practice" courses in the 9th semester of the teacher education Master's degree programme. Two of these five courses, together with the courses PROF1015, PROF3025 – Ledelse av elevers læring and PROF4045 – Tilrettelegging for elevers læring, between them fulfil the programme's requirements for school practice.

Learning outcome

After completing this course, you:

  • can develop and carry out teaching and learning sequences for physics in upper secondary school, with durations from single lessons up to longer sequences.
  • have experience with a variety of teaching strategies in physics for upper secondary school.
  • master meeting students’ challenges when learning physics.
  • have experience with planning and conducting laboratory. work/demonstrations/programming activities with physics students in upper secondary school.
  • can design and justify physics teaching based on professional didactic insight as well as practical experience.
  • can take advantage of and critically reflect on academic and research literature related to teaching and learning in physics.

Admission to the course

This course is only for students admitted to Realfag (studieretning).

Formal prerequisite knowledge


or similar courses.

In addition the following courses are required:


Attendance at the first lecture is mandatory. If you are unable to attend, the Department of Physics studieinfo@fys.uio.no has to be informed no later than the same day, or else you will lose your place in the course.

The course runs for 8 weeks (in the second half of the semester) including practice in an upper secondary school.

Four hours of teaching weekly in the form of interactive seminars where students present plans for, and reflect on the outcome of, the teaching in their school placement period. Research literature from the course syllabus is also presented (by instructor and/or students) and discussed during sessions. Mandatory assignments in the form of for instance presentations and lesson plans must be approved before you can sith the final exam.

Practice will be varied and supervised and altogether amounts to 7,5 full days including preparations and reflection sessions. Practice will preferably take place at one of the upper secondary school in the University of Oslo network. Practice, and teaching directly related to practice, is mandatory and must be approved before you can sit the final exam.

As the teaching involves laboratory and/or fieldwork, you should consider taking out a separate travel and personal risk insurance. Read about your insurance cover as a student.


  • Final oral exam which counts 100 % towards the final grade.

Mandatory practice and assignments must be approved before you can sit the final exam.

Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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This course offers both postponed and resit of examination. Read more:

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Facts about this course


If the course is offered, a minimum of four students is required for ordinary lectures to take place. If less than four students participate, an exam will be given, but one should not expect ordinary teaching.

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