Semester start for the Master's program in Psychology 2022

Welcome to the Master program in Psychology at the University of Oslo.


The Department of Psychology offers three different master options, and this semester start program is for all three options. 

Cognitive Neuroscience

Helse, utvikling og samfunn and

Arbeids- og organisasjonspsykologi


If you are not able to join the activities in the semester start, please register this in the following form: or let your student-advisor Eleonora Brekke know before the 12th of August

Monday 15th of August

When What Where

Welcome to the master's program 
With Head of education, Vibeke Moe and student advisor Eleonora Brekke

Audtorium 4, Harald Schelderups hus, Entrance 2 



Information Meetings

for all three study options 

Helse, utvikling og samfunn (HUS) i Auditorium 2

Arbeids- og organisasjonspsykologi i Seminarrom 3

Cognitive Neuroscience in Seminar room 4

14.00 - 

Getting to know each other and meet your buddies 

Outside Kafé Åse at Harald Schelderups hus, with your second year buddies
15.00 -  Welcome Ceremony at Universitetsplassen (the University Square)  

Tuesday 16th of August

When What Where
10.00 - 12.00  Help with registering for the semester and paying the semester fee 

Lesesal/PC stue

Harald Schjelderups hus, 1st floor 

Wednesday 17th of August -  Friday 19th of August - socal activities with your buddy group


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