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Wardrobes with showers for employees

Building Wardrobes with showers
Blindernveien 11

Wardrobe with shower and toilet in room U35.

Domus Academica, Urbygningen

Wardrobe with shower and toilet in room K23 and K26.

Domus Bibliotheca

Wardrobe with shower in room K45 and K52.

Domus Juridica Wardrobe with shower in the basement.
Domus Theologica

Wardrobe with shower in room U62.


Wardrobe with shower in room U77.

Wardrobe with shower in the west wing, room K41.


Wardrobe with shower in room U51 and 251 (for women only).

Georg Morgenstiernes hus

Wardrobe with shower in room U08 and U09.

Georg Sverdrups hus, Universitetsbiblioteket

Wardrobe with shower in room U236 and U235.


Wardrobe with shower in room 107.

Helga Engs hus

Wardrobe with shower in room K27 and K28.


Wardrobe with shower in room 104 and 124 and several wardrobes with showers downstairs.

Wardrobe with shower in the center wing, room U38 and the east wing, room U32 and on the basement floor K1 – west wing room 02, 09, 73 and 74 and east wing room 02.

Kristian Ottosens hus

Wardrobe with shower in room U49 and U51.
Kristine Bonnevies hus

Wardrobe with shower in room 1108 and 1110.

Lucy Smiths hus

Access to wardrobes with showers in Kristian Ottosens hus.

Niels Henrik Abels hus

Wardrobe with shower and toilet on the basement floor K1, room 15 and 15F.

P. A. Munchs hus

Wardrobe with shower in room K49 and K63.


Wardrobe with shower on floor 2U, in room 01 and 02.

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