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Manager's responsibility concerning parental leave

In cases of parental leave, UiO's parental leave team coordinates follow-up and support for employees and managers as well as refund claims from NAV. Here you will find an overview of what you must know and do as a manager.


  • Familiarze yourself with regulations and routines: Read and make sure that concerned employees are familiar with rights and obligations regarding parental leave and relevant checklists.
  • Follow up on your responsibility to inform:
    • For the parental leave team to be able to support you in the follow-up of parental leave, make sure to keep them informed about all relevant circumstances.
    • All documents received from employees or NAV in connection with a parental leave must be sent immediately to the parental leave team (e-mail) for follow-up and case processing.

Overview of follow-up

When an employee notifies you about pregnancy/parental leave

In cases of pregnancy-related sick leave

12 - 8 weeks before the start of the leave: parental leave meeting

In cases of unforeseen events: change of the leave agreement

  • The leave agreement between the employee and UiO may only be changed due to unforeseen circumstances that did not exist at the time the agreement was entered. The employee sends an e-mail outlining the desired changes and justification for these to the parental leave team (e-mail).
  • The parental leave team promptly contacts you for an assessment of the leave amendment application.
  • The employee is invited to a new parental leave meeting. You are invited if deemed necessary.
  • If the application for change of leave is approved, the parental leave team draws up a new parental leave letter which you must approve in ePhorte.
  • For regulations see section above on the parental leave meeting.

End of leave: transition back to work

  • Employees must notify their manager that they will resume their position at the agreed time, i.e. the time stated in the parental leave letter from UiO and the decision by NAV.
  • The wish to resume work at UiO following the end of parental leave with the use of holiday leave entitlement must be agreed with the manager.
  • Notify the local personnel officer about the end of the parental leave on the same day on which the employee resumes his/her position at UiO.
  • If use of holiday entitlement immediately following the end of parental leave has been agreed, the first day of holiday counts as the formal date of return to work. The confirmation of return to work is a pre-condition for the employee’s regular salary payment to be resumed, see the HR routine for confirmation of return to work after parental leave (Norwegian).
  • After parental leave, special rules apply to the use of self-certified sick leave:
    • After parental leave employees may not use self-certified sick leave until they have been back at work for at least one month.
    • After receiving 100% unpaid leave for over four weeks employees may not use self-certified sick leave until they have been back at work for at least two months.


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