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Different provisions apply for covering the cost of the various types of travel for which funds are granted in connection with your research. The following contains details about the most important principles that apply.

General terms and conditions

  • According to the Personnel Handbook for State Employees, all travel shall be undertaken in a manner, which according to an overall assessment, is fastest and cheapest for the state. In case of doubt, the employer and employee shall together consider which mode of transport will be the fastest and cheapest.
  • All travel and hotel accommodation must be booked through Egencia

Conferences with papers

  • Travel, accommodation, subsistence and conference fees will be covered when you attend conferences at which you present your own research or that of your research group or the Department.
  • The Special Agreement relating to covering the cost of travel and board and lodging outside Norway applies to such trips. In its comments on these provisions, the Ministry states that: "Travel undertaken by employees in order to present their own research results or those of their research group/department is classified as official travel"
  • Subsistence allowance is granted for official journeys, provided you have received approval for the conference trip before you travel 
  • All meals which are included in your hotel accommodation and your conferences fees shall be deducted from the subsistence allowance, irrespective of whether or not you take advantage of such
  • Conference dinners will be covered as part of the subsistence allowance. This cannot be refunded, even if you have to pay for a conference dinner in addition to the conference fee
  • Membership fees cannot be reimbursed, even if this entails discounted conference fees

Other research travel

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