Research Ethics and Data Management

This is a general collection of important websites and contact information related to research ethics and data management. 


This guide is intended to be a starting point for acquiring necessary information on guidelines, regulations, requirements, etc for research. It is the responsibility of the researcher to learn and complete necessary paperwork for their own projects. If additional help is needed, we will be happy to help. 

This is a living website so if these pages are missing anything, please let us know

Research data

Research Data is defined as records/notes/reports in the form of figures, text, images, audio or video that are generated or occur during research projects. 

UiO Guidelines for different roles:

UiO Classification Guide

Information on classification of research data according to the UiO color system as a prerequisite for choice of storage solution

Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)

Guidence on NSD related ethical requirements needed to start researching

Data Storage Guide

Helpful information on where and how to safely store data linked to the color classification of the data

Data Management Plan Tools

Overview of DMP tools, guides, and related information

Ethics Approval

Additional ethics approval information

Guidelines from NESH, REK, and other field specific ethic committees

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

Information regarding the The UiO policy for IPR, the Norwegian Copyright Act, Creative commons and other licenses, etc. 

Additional Information

Information regarding ethics in research projects with external funding and for students/supervisors

Contact Information

For basic overview questions:

If you have more specific questions you will find contact information in each section