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Payment of monthly paid salary

Permanent and fixed-term employees receive their salary in accordance with the salary scale/amount and employment percentage stated in their work contract in the middle of each month. Payment is handled centrally by the University’s Payroll Office.

Payment dates

  • Salaries are paid on the 15th of each month. If this date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the salary is paid on the last working day before the 15th. In December, the payday is the 12th, while in July it is approximately the 10th. For specific payment dates see the payroll schedule.
  • The paid salary pertains to the entire calendar month, i.e. you receive 50 % of your monthly salary in arrears and 50 % in advance.
  • There is also an extra payment of salaries on the last day of the month. Vouchers that are not received in time for the main payment are paid then.
  • Holiday pay is paid in June.
  • Overtime is paid continuously, depending on when your personnel manager authorizes the overtime hours.
  • Payment after pay rise depends on the grounds for the pay rise.

Where is your pay slip?

  • You find your payslips in the section Salary information in the HR portal, see user guide for pay slips.
  • Pay slips are available in the HR portal as of the 15th of each month, irrespective of when the salary has been transferred to your account. Therefore, you might receive your salary but have to wait a few days before you can check its calculation basis on your pay slip. In these instances, we ask you for a little bit of patience.
  • If you need copies of pay slips after your formal employment at UiO has ceased, you can order these at

What does your pay slip show?

Change of bank account

If you want your salary to be paid to another bank account, register the relevant bank connection in the HR portal, see user guide.

Payment to foreign account

  • If the payment is to be transferred to an foreign account, you must submit a special form with bank payment details (pdf).
  • Tax liability depends on whether work has been carried out in Norway or abroad. Read more about taxation during stays abroad.
  • Payments to foreign accounts with IBAN and SWIFT (BIC) addresses take 2-3 days longer than domestic payments. Payments to accounts in the US and other countries outside Europe may take considerably longer.

Salary advance?

As an UiO employee, you may apply for a salary advance under certain conditions. Such welfare loans are interest-free and are repaid via salary deductions. Read more about welfare loan.

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