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Payment of overtime

Prerequisites for paid overtime

Overtime rates

Overtime is compensated by the following supplements:

Registering overtime

  • Overtime must be registered in the HR portal, see user guide.
  • Also employees who do not normally record the time they are present at work in the HR portal, for example academic staff, must do so for the day(s) they have worked overtime.
  • Employees with several positions in different position codes must not register overtime in the HR portal but must submit an overtime sheet (xlsm) to the local unit's administration.

Payment of overtime

  • Overtime is paid together with salary, depending on when the manager approves the hours. Check specific payment dates on the payroll schedule.
  • Overtime payment is shown on your pay slip.

Overtime for part-time employees

Overtime for hourly-paid employees

  • Overtime is not paid to hourly-paid employees who control their own working time.
  • Persons with hourly-paid contracts can receive overtime if they have completed a full working day and the work is mandatory. Overtime is registered together with the ordinary working hours on the time sheet (xlsm) that is submitted to the local unit's administration.
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