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Documentation requirements for reimbursements

Basic documentation requirements for reimbursements

Strict documentation requirements apply to both travel expense reimbursements and outlay reimbursements:

  • The documentation must clearly show
    1. the payment basis = the nature of the expense
    2. the payment confirmation = the fact that the expense has been paid
  • If you submit the reimbursement claim in the HR portal, you must enclose electronic copies of the original documents, see guidelinesNote: It is your responsibility to store the original documents for possible clearification purposes until you have received payment.
  • If you submit the reimbursement claim on paper, you must include original documents, see guidelines.

Requirements for specific payment forms and expense types

Payments using payment card

If you have paid with a payment card, you must submit documentation that specifies what you have purchased (payment basis) and shows the amount charged on your card (payment confirmation).

Bank statement

If you attach a bank statement to document expenses (payment confirmation), you must also enclose the invoice or bill  that was the basis for the payment transaction (payment basis).

Internet purchases

Receipts for the purchase of goods or services via the Internet must include information about what has been purchased (price, number etc. = payment basis) and that your payment card has been charged to your account (payment confirmation). Therefore, it might be necessary to submit several screen shots.


  • Aeroplane travel must be documented with the ticket as well as the boarding card showing that you have carried out the travel.
  • First-/best-class tickets by public transport must be documented with a ticket.
  • Travel by other public transport does not need to be documented, but travel route information must be provided.
  • Use of own car must be approved in advance by your employer by means of an approval declaration (word) or oral agreement. When claiming settlement of your travel expenses, the approval declaration is to be up-loaded in the HR portal or attached to the paper form. If you have received an oral approval, you enter the approver's name in the travel expenses claim form in the HR portal or on page 2 of the paper form. Remember that for every stretch driven, the date, starting point, destination, number of kilometres and names of any passengers must be specified on the travel expenses claim.
  • When settling travel advances of NOK 10 000 or more, you must submit the estimate of the expenses that formed the basis of the travel advance. Remember that a paper form must be used when settling travel advances.


When claiming reimbursement of expenses for food, beverages or any kind of catering, a list of participants and possibly a preliminary approval of the use of representation rates (word) must be submitted, see Guidelines for hosting and representation at UiO.

Payments abroad

For payments abroad, you must complete and include the form for bank account information (pdf). Note that you will be debited bank and currency exchange charges.

How you hand in documentation

Electronic submission in the HR portal

  • If you submit your reimbursement claim in the HR portal, you upload electronic copies of the original documents, see user guides for uploading attachments of travel expenses claims and uploading attachments of outlay reimbursements.
  • Requirements for electronic attachments:
    1. The attachment must be legible.
      • Make sure that all text is legible and all images are sharp.
      • All images must be in a format that a standard image viewer can read. If you are unsure, check with your local IT.
      • All documents should be in pdf or an image format, that is in a non-editable format. If you have documents in word or excel format, you should save them as pdf files before uploading them in the HR portal.
      • Make sure your documents are oriented correctly.
    2. The attachment must have a recognizable name. The attenstant and approver should easy be able to see the connection between the attachment and the expense items it refers to.
    3. The attachment must not be too large. It must be possible to read on a standard computer screen and not be larger than 10 MB.
    4. Collect paper receipts that are smaller than A4-size on A4-sized sheets before scanning them.

Submission together with paper form

  • If you submit the reimbursement claim on paper, attach original documents and hand all the papers in to your local accounts unit.
  • Glue or staple (don't tape!) receipts that are smaller than A4-size on A4-sized sheets so that they can be copied. Then staple the sheets together, don't use paper clips and don't place the sheets unstapled in a plastic folder.

Storage of documentation

  • Documents that you have submitted electronically are stored in the HR portal from where you easily can retrieve them, see user guide.
  • Documents that you have submitted on paper are stored for 10 years. Contact your local accounts unit if you need to retrieve them due to guarantee claims or similar issues.
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