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Outlay reimbursement

Procedures for reimbursement of outlays not related to travel. For travel reimbursements see travel expenses claim.


Try to avoid reimbursement!

Ordinary reimbursement procedure

With few exceptions, reimbursements are to be claimed in the HR portal :

  1. Fill out the expenses reimbursement form in the HR-portal, see guidelines.
  2. Upload all required documentation, see guidelines.
  3. When finished, press the button Send for approval.

Special reimbursement procedures for specific outlays

  • Expenses for overnight stays and use of own car
    Such expenses must always relate to travel and refund requests must be made by travel expenses claim.
  • Prepaid expenses
    Reimbursement of prepaid expenses in connection with conferences, plane tickets, hotels and the like must always be claimed as travel advances.
  • Computer glasses
    • When you need computer glasses and prescription safety glasses, please follow the procedure for computer glasses.
    • When claiming reimbursement in the HR portal, give Computer glasses as the reason in step 1, and Welfare expenses as the type of expense in step 2.
  • Newspapers
    As of 1.1.2019, expenses for private newspaper subscriptions are refunded according to the ordinary reimbursement procedure.
  • Mobile phone and broadband
    Special requirements and conditions apply to an employer’s opportunity to refund expenses for mobile telephones and broadband. Read more about
  • Reimbursement to persons not employed at UiO
    Outlays relating to travel are to be requested reimbursed on the paper claim form for outlay expenses, see procedure. Beyond this, persons not employed at UiO are not to make purchases on behalf of UiO.

Payment of reimbursements

  • Reimbursement claims are, as a rule, settled twice a month. For specific dates, check the payroll schedule. Reimbursement claims that are authorized in the HR portal by the Deadline at Payroll Office will be paid at the next run for outlay reimbursement. Complete reimbursement claims on paper that are received by the Deadline at Payroll Office will be paid at the next run for outlay reimbursement claims.
  • You will find the reimbursement settlement in the HR portal in Employee Services under My travel and expense reimbursements, see guidelines.
  • Check payments are no longer made.
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