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Work duty account at the Department of Psychology

As part of the academic staff at UiO, you have a duty to engage in research, to teach and perform administrative duties, and to disseminate the results of your research. However, only teaching and administrative duties are recorded in the time sheet. This is what is meant by the term work obligations.

Determining the work duty account

As a general rule all assigned work duties at UiO shall be recorded, excluding research.

Teaching duties include planning, preparation and work related to the follow-up, exam-related work, grading, supervision and evaluation of PhD theses.

Administrative duties include teaching and research planning, evaluation of applicants for academic positions at their own unit, participation in committees, boards and assemblies.

The hours recorded in the work duty account are registered by the administration staff at the Department. The draft showing the hours you worked the previous semester is sent to you at the beginning of each semester. You are asked to examine the draft and add corrections within a given deadline. Please note that the work duty account is considered approved if you haven’t submitted any corrections by the deadline. It’s important that you assure the quality of the work duty account, as the management group uses this to plan lessons and use of resources at the Department. Corrections to the work duty account which is more than one semester old will not be taken into account.

Absence due to illness must be documented, either self-certified sick leave or a medical certificate. Your work duty account will be reduced in accordance with the days of absence. Sick-leave will be distributed equally between research and teaching duties.

In cases of long absence, such as the result of illness, leave of absence or other reasons, the extent of work obligations may be reduced. Any reduction in the work duties will be determined by the Head of Department. Normally the reduction in work obligations will be dependent on the length of absence, regardless of when during the year that absence takes place.

Surplus and deficit

Any surplus or deficit on your work duty account is related to the difference between the assigned duties and the work obligations. There are surplus hours if the number of assigned hours is larger than the work obligations. There are deficit hours if the number of assigned hours is smaller than the work obligations.

If you have a surplus, you’ll have to take this into account when planning your activities the next semester. You should prioritize the assignments that are the most important for the Department which includes teaching, academic supervision and grading exams. Any deficit in the work duty account should be discussed with your head of section.

Temporary employees have a fixed sum of work duty assigned for a limited period. It is our common responsibility to make sure that you don’t get, or take on more teaching duties than is assigned to the position in question.

Common standards for research and teaching duties in hours per year

Position Percentage of work obligation teaching/administration Work hours per year teaching/administration
Under 60 years 60-61 years 62 years or more
Professor/Associated Professor 53 % 898 878 831
Assistant Professor (Universitetslektor) 80 % 1356 1326 1254
Professor II 20 % 340  332 314
PhD Candidate 25 %   424

Professor/Associated Professor

The work duty account is divided in to 6 % administration, 47 % teaching and 47 % research.

Assistant Professor (Senior lecturer or Associated Professor with required teaching duties)

Assistant Professors at the Faculty of Social Sciences with full duties have 80 % teaching-/administration.

Professor II

The Professor II-positions at the Department of Psychology is initially a full teaching position.

PhD Candidates/ Postdoctoral Fellows

The teaching duties for PhD-candidates are 1272 hours in total, divided in 212 hours over six semesters. Postdoc positions have a teaching duty of 1695 hours in total, divided in 212 hours over eight semesters.

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