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What goes where?

Guidelines for what should be openly available on the UiO website and what should be placed in Canvas.

This should be openly available on

Course description

A complete overview of the courses at the UiO are available at This is where the course descriptions are found.


  • The course schedule in the course's semester page shows data from TP (UiO's timetable system).
  • Changes in teaching must be registered in TP. Timetables online (Mine studier / My studies) are immediately updated from TP. Guides to editing a course schedule (in Norwegian only) 

  • Cancelled lectures: If there is a last minute cancellation, there is a field in the schedule online to mark the day's teaching as cancelled. In addition, if you want to notify students of the cancellation, you can send a message/notification in Canvas.

  • Students must have access to the schedule before they register for courses so that they can plan their studies.
  • Teaching (scheduled events) cannot be added to the calendar in Canvas. Creating the course schedule and making changes to the schedule can only be done in TP.

Time and place of examination

  • Time and place of the exam is published automatically on the semester page.
  • Exam information is retrieved from FS, and must be updated in FS (in Norwegian only) if there are changes.

Syllabus/reading list

  • The syllabus must be included in the semester pages so that there is an historical archive of a course's previous syllabi. This is required by Norwegian law.
  • The syllabus is also part of the formal study plan at UiO.

  • There is a great demand for access to previous syllabi and it is time-saving to have the syllabus in the semester pages.

  • Potential students use the syllabus to find out about the UiO's course portfolio.

  • Read more about syllabus/reading lists (in Norwegian only)

Previous exam questions and grading rubrics

  • Must be in the course description pages on, in its own folder "previous-exams".
  • Example: ECON4310

Points of contact

All semester pages must contain contact points for the course (this is solved with predefined captions in Vortex).

This could be placed in Canvas

Teaching resources

  • All content does not have to be uploaded to Canvas, it may, for example, be placed in folders in the semester pages and then linked to or included in pages in Canvas. The important thing is to have all resources available from Canvas.

  • Due to space limitations in Canvas, large files should be uploaded to Vortex and then linked to Canvas.


Some calendar entries (tasks, to-do and appointment groups) can be created in the Canvas Calendar.

Note: Teaching (scheduled events) cannot be added to the calendar in Canvas. Creating the course schedule and making changes to the schedule can only be done in TP.


Messages/announcements sent in Canvas will also be shown in My studies along with messages from the semester and program pages.


Please contact your faculty.


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