IDE2019 – From Ancient Cosmology to Modern Anthropocene: Environmental Thinking in Intellectual History

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The course will address the historical dimensions of current ideas and debates about humans and nature in Modernity/the Anthropocene. The course will provide you with an understanding of how the relationship between humans, nature and climate (i.e. environmental thinking) has been conceptualized in various periods and intellectual traditions from antiquity to the present. The course will also introduce you to central historical, cultural and intellectual contexts that have shaped these notions of nature and the environment.

Hva lærer du?

After completing this course, you:

  • have an historical understanding of how nature, climate and environment have been conceptualized historically within different contexts and at different times.
  • have an understanding of how notions of nature, climate and environment have been understood and used across a range of fields and debates through history.
  • have an historical understanding of how human beings have conceptualized their interaction with the environment.
  • can reflect on the interplay between these contexts and how human beings’ understanding of themselves and their role and status vis-à-vis nature has developed through history.
  • can read and analyse primary sources in various genres in intellectual history from antiquity to the present. 
  • are aquainted with some key concepts in the field of Environmental Humanities.

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Anbefalte forkunnskaper

A basic understanding of historization and contextualization such as acquired through IDE1104 and IDE1105 is recommended. The course assumes proficiency in English.


14 lectures consisting of double sessions together with IDE2019 – From Ancient Cosmology to Modern Anthropocene: Environmental Thinking in Intellectual History

In order for you to be allowed to take the exam, the following compulsory tuition activities must be apporved by the teacher:

  • Students must submit a short essay (3 standard pages), the topic of which will be based on one or more lectures as well as the curriculum.


 4-hour written examination

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