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Committee for Cultural and Social Activities

The objective of the Committee for Cultural and Social Activities (KVU) is to strengthen communal bonds and promote a community spirit among all members of staff at UiO.

What does KVU do?

  • KVU organises cultural and social events for all members of staff at UiO, regardless of work place, discipline or position. The idea is to facilitate encounters between employees and let them become more familiar with various segments of UiO.
  • KVU funds a variety of events to enhance satisfaction among the members of staff at UiO. For detailed information, please see the Committee's guidelines.
  • KVU also administers the Cultural and Social Activities Award presented annually to a group of employees, an academic group or individuals.


All employees receive invitations to KVU sponsored events by email. Most of the events are also announced in the university newspaper Uniforum.

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