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Reception of new employees

The responsibility for receiving and following up new employees lies with the local manager. The introduction period provides much of the basis for the new employee to be able to be a resource for the University and should therefore be a high priority.

General reception routine

What has been clarified beforehand?

The recruitment process ensures that the following preparations are in place when the new employee takes up his or her position:

  • Contract
  • Agreement on starting date
  • Clarification of salary

Access to administrative systems

To ensure that a new employee has access to all necessary administrative systems upon commencing work her/his work contract must be sent to the Payroll Office within the voucher deadline for the month salary payment is to be initiated, see personnel routine for signed work agreement (Norwegian).

Important issues when receiving new employees

  1. Preparation of the workplace
    Before the position is taken up, the workplace shall be prepared with respect to furniture, lighting, equipment, nameplate, mail shelf, keys/access cards etc.
  2. Employment confirmation
    An employment confirmation must be sent to the Pay Section on the day the new employee starts work, see personnel routine for employment confirmation (Norwegian). Note: The form is a key document ensuring the person obtains access to ICT tools and payment of salary.
  3. Employee card
    The head of office must send the necessary information to the Security Operation Centre, so that the new employee can receive an employee card at SiO Customer Service on Blindern Campus.
  4. Information
    The new employee should be provided with information material about UiO, his/her new workplace, and the unit's HSE routines. The most important general introductory information is to be found on or under the web page New at UiO. International researchers should be made aware of UiO's support site for international researchers.
  5. Presentation and follow-up
    The manager is responsible for introducing the new employee to colleagues, for passing on information about UiO as an organization and for the professional content of the job. The leader shall assist as a guide during the first six months. This means regular follow-up meetings with special responsibility for feedback and training with respect to e.g. the provisions of the Norwegian Civil Service Act on the probation period. For up to 12 months after hiring the employee and when a temporary employee becomes a permanent employee, the manager must reassess the employee’s salary grade.
  6. Mentor
    It is a good idea to nominate a contact person responsible for the social introduction, for giving information about daily routines and for showing the new employee the canteen, cloakrooms, meeting rooms, library, files, laboratories etc. The person chosen should be available for the new employee, especially during the first few days.
  7. Fire protection
    The person responsible for the floor shall introduce the new employee to the fire safety routines.
  8. Introductory events
    International employees should be made aware of the Welcome breakfast that is offered twice every semester. Non-Norwegian speaking employees may be enrolled in a Norwegian language course and might find it beneficial to attend the course Working in Norway.
  9. International researchers
    When receiving an international researcher, there are additional issues that require preparation and follow-up. Read more about receiving international researchers (Norwegian).

Local reception routines

The following units have complementary reception routines for new employees (Norwegian):

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