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Contents: Diffraction methods and their applications to structure problems, in particular to alloy systems and other inorganic materials. Crystallography. Diffraction from lattice defects. Imaging and contrast in electron microscopy. Kinematic and elementary dynamical theory of electron diffraction. Interpretation of contrast from defects. The transmission electron microscope and its principles. Briefly about other electron beam instruments.

Hva lærer du?

To give the students necessary knowledge about how to use electron microscopy and diffraction at a master level.

Opptak og adgangsregulering

Ph.d.-kandidater ved UiO søker plass på undervisningen og melder seg til eksamen i Studentweb.

Hvis emnet har begrenset kapasitet, vil ph.d.-kandidater som har emnet i sin utdanningsplan ved UiO bli prioritert. Noen nasjonale forskerskoler kan ha egne regler for rangering av søkere til emner med begrenset kapasitet.

Ph.d.-kandidater som har opptak ved andre utdanningsinstitusjoner må innen angitt frist søke om hospitantplass.


Obligatoriske forkunnskaper

In addition to fulfilling the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway, you must either have 2MX/2MY/3MZ and 3MX/3FY/3KJ/3BI/(2KJ+3BT)/(2BI+3BT) from Norwegian upper secondary school, or have completed equivalent studies in mathematics as well as physics, or chemistry, or biology at upper secondary school or university level at another educational institution. Read more about fulfilling special requirements.

Anbefalte forkunnskaper

Knowledge corresponding to the following courses at the University of Oslo: FYS3410 – Kondenserte fasers fysikk (videreført).

Overlappende emner

10 credits overlap against FYS335.

10 credits with FYS4340 – Diffraksjonsmetoder og elektronmikroskopi


The course extends over a full semester with 4 hours of teaching per week (lectures and problem solving).


There will be three to five mandatory articles to be read, one of which has to be presented to the class. A midterm exam where the students should present a summary of a subject which has been lectured. This summary can be presented by writing a short report (approx. 5 pages) or by an oral presentation (approx. 30 minutes). In addition a final oral exam (primo December).


Emnet bruker karakterskala bestått/ikke bestått. Les mer om karakterskalaen.

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Vi gjennomfører fortløpende evaluering av emnet, og med jevne mellomrom ber vi studentene delta i en mer omfattende evaluering.


The teaching in this course will normally be cancelled if less than 3 students register within the deadline for the course registration.

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If the course is offered, a minimum of four students is required for ordinary lectures to take place. If less than four students participate, an exam will be given, but one should not expect ordinary teaching.


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