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Administration of salary, reimbursements and other payments through SAPDFØ

All payments through UiO's payroll and personnel system SAPDFØ are handled centrally by the Payroll Office based on vouchers issued by the units according to these routines:

Payroll schedule

  • Deadlines for payroll orders, vouchers and manager approval
  • Payment dates


Monthly paid salary

Routines to initiate and stop payment of monthly salaries (Norwegian)

Voucher-based salary

Routines for payments to hourly-paid and self-employed persons, stipends and increments of monthly paid salary (Norwegian)

Travel reimbursement

Attestation and authorisation of travel expenses claims

Outlay reimbursement

Attestation and authorisation of outlay reimbursements


Routines for transfer of payments to other accounts or correction of erroneous postings (Norwegian)

Payments abroad

Routines for payments abroad through SAPDFØ (Norwegian)

Payroll reports

Payroll reports are made accessible on the web early every month (Norwegian).

Control scheme

Control routines to safeguard good quality of vouchers at all involved levels (Norwegian)

Missing payment?

  • Monthly paid salary: Check if the status in ePhorte is correct.
  • Voucher-based salaries and reimbursements: Check if the paper voucher has been submitted within the deadline.

If routines and deadlines have been respected, contact the Payroll Office.

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