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Tid og sted: 10. okt. 2019 09:0011. okt. 2019 17:00, Georg Morgenstiernes hus

What is the status of the Antarctic Treaty 60 years after its entry into force? This workshop is part of the Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica project.

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Tid og sted: 10. okt. 2019 08:3011. okt. 2019 15:00, Dag 1: Skatten, Hagegata 4, Oslo; Dag 2: Bykuben, Myntgata 2, Oslo

Hva slags byutvikling kan gi radikale miljøløsninger - men samtidig bedre livskvalitet og demokratisk deltakelse? ISS samarbeider med Senter for utvikling og miljø m. fl. om denne   tverrfaglig konferansen og verkstedet om byutvikling, miljøløsninger, livskvalitet og medvirkning.

See the event's website.

Bildet kan inneholde: by, menneskelig oppgjør, arkitektur, bygning, byområde.
Tid og sted: 10. okt. 2019 08:3011. okt. 2019 15:00, Skatten Oslo (dag 1) og Bykuben i Oslo (dag 2)

Hvordan kan vi unngå at klimakutt blir en tvangstrøye som innskrenker friheten og livskvaliteten vår? Bærekraftig byutvikling krever ny forståelse og nye verktøy. Hva slags byutvikling kan gi radikale miljøløsninger - men samtidig bedre livskvalitet og demokratisk deltakelse?

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Tid og sted: 27. sep. 2019 13:1515:00, Aud. 5 Eilert sunds hus

A Sociology for the 21st Century

Tid og sted: 20. sep. 2019 09:3021. sep. 2019 18:30, George Morgenstiernes Hus 452

Friday Sep. 20, 2019 – Saturday Sep. 21, 2019

Ancient Philosophy Society

Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas

University of Oslo

Tid og sted: 20. sep. 201921. sep. 2019, Room 652, Georg Morgenstiernes hus, Blindern

The workshop will consist of 25 minutes presentation by the speakers, followed by 35 minutes of Q&A. The papers will be made available for attendants of the workshop.

Everybody is very welcome to join! In particular we encourage students to join us.

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Tid og sted: 19. sep. 2019 08:3020. sep. 2019 13:30, Flora Lounge, Oslo Science Park

ARENA, together with CICERO, will host a joint EU3D and BENCHMARK conference on Brexit and the 'Norway model' on 19 and 20 September 2019. 

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Tid og sted: 16. sep. 2019 09:0016:00, Tøyen hovedgård

On 3rd July 2019 professor emeritus David L. Bruton turned 80! To celebrate this, there will be a full day seminar at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo. 

SEFM 2019 logo
Tid og sted: 16. sep. 201920. sep. 2019, Oslo Science Park

SEFM 2019 will be held at the Science Park (``forskningsparken''), a centre neighbouring the Institute of Computer Science, University of Oslo.

Tid og sted: 5. sep. 20197. sep. 2019, Holmen Fjordhotell

The ENTIS conference is the annual meeting for the European Network of Teratology Information Services. 

The three speakers
Tid og sted: 2. sep. 2019 13:3016:00, Runde Auditorium Domus Medica, Rikshospitalet

The UiO:Life Science ImmunoLingo Convergence Environment Symposium.

Tid og sted: 30. aug. 201931. aug. 2019, Tøyen hovedgård

The scope of the workshop: This international workshop brings together scientist from a wide range of fields with a special interest in bio-mechanics phenomena from cellular scale to the size of organs. Through a series of short talks the participants will present their work, where the workshop strives to stimulate scientific exchange and to initiate new collaborations.

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Tid og sted: 26. aug. 201930. aug. 2019, Tollboden, Drøbak Marine Station

Join our UiO:Life Science and ForBio workshop on model-based inferences in phyleogeography, to be at the forefront of this cutting-edge field merging ecology and evolution. Register before May 1st, 2019.

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Tid og sted: 25. aug. 2019 09:0030. aug. 2019 16:00, Risør hotell

The purpose of the conference is to bring together leading researchers and students in stochastic analysis and applications, to discuss new results and research challenges, with emphasis on stochastic analysis, stochastic control and  information,  random fields, and applications to risk models in finance,  biology, insurance and physics.

Tid og sted: 22. aug. 2019 09:0023. aug. 2019 16:45, GM 652, University of Oslo
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Tid og sted: 30. juli 20191. aug. 2019, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and The Science Library of University of Oslo

IUBS is celebrating its centenary year with special sessions and talks on a number of topics that are main focus of IUBS in the 33rd General Assembly and the scientific sessions in Oslo, July 30 through August 2.

Tid: 29. juli 20199. aug. 2019

Summer school and workshop at University of Oslo

Tid og sted: 27. juni 2019 14:0029. juni 2019 12:30, Georg Sverdrups hus, Grupperom 1

Truth and authority come as a package—but which of the two is the source of the other? Is truth a source of a special kind of authority? Or is what is true decided by whoever has the power and authority to dominate discourse? In recent years, theorists in the postmodernist and poststructuralist tradition have been accused of paving the way for the post-truth era in public discourse by weakening our conception of truth. Our intent in this workshop is not primarily to assess the rightness or wrongness of accusations made against theory in postmodern and poststructuralist tradition. Rather we are looking for theoretical positions that go beyond the dichotomous view of truth and power. To meet the backlash challenge, we need to acknowledge the constraints of a discourse-independent world while still keeping in view the power-mechanisms that structure truth-claims.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) is one of three supervisory authorities for the financial sector in the EU (photo: EBA)
Tid og sted: 20. juni 201921. juni 2019, Johan P. Olsen room

The research project REFLEX will organize the workshop Making Non-Majoritarian Institutions Safe for Democracy on 20-21 June in Oslo. 

Tid og sted: 14. juni 2019 10:1512:00, Room 108, N.H. Abel's Building, UiO


This lecture is the fifth and last of a mini-course given by Professor John Quigg (Arizona State University, Tempe, USA), one of the world leading experts on the topic of C*-dynamical systems.

This course is a part of the project "Pure Mathematics in Norway, 2018-2022", supported by the Bergen Research Foundation and the Tromsø Research Foundation.