Monday Seminar: Evelin Lindner: "Honor, Humiliation and Terror"

From Humiliation, Vengeance, and Genocide to Reconciliation: Experiences from the Balkans.

Evelin Lindner has researched the theme of humiliation, or what she calls "the nuclear bomb of the emotions," for 40 years. She is a physician and psychologist and one of our foremost experts in the field. From genocide to polarized societies to family feuds, they often have their roots in the same dynamics of humiliation. How many of the world problems can be explained by humiliation? What happens when people feel humiliated or trampled on?
This talk is based on Evelin Lindner's upcoming book: Honor, Humiliation, and Terror, and on the insights she gathered during her time in Southeast Europe in 2016.

Publisert 20. jan. 2017 11:04 - Sist endret 20. jan. 2017 14:09