Faglunsj/bokpresentasjon: Bærekraftig og effektiv transport - Sustainable and Efficient Transport

Dr. juris Ellen Eftestøl presenterer boka "Sustainable and efficient transport - Incentives for Promoting a Green Transport Market", edited by Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson, Suvi Sankari and Anu Bask

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About the book

The EU Commission has set the goal of facilitating a competitive transport system, increasing mobility and supporting growth while simultaneously reaching a target of 60 per cent emissions reductions by 2050. In light of past performance and estimated development, the target will not be reached without further behavioural change in the transport sector. This interdisciplinary book examines how such a behavioural shift can be achieved by various organizational and legal means, focusing primarily on the European Union and its specific policies related to greening transport.


This topical book examines the issues surrounding climate change and sustainability in relation to the freight transport sector. Written by an interdisciplinary team of contributors, the book approaches the topic from a multitude of perspectives, demonstrating that the sector will need to undergo significant changes in order to meet climate change targets.In addition to examining the challenges facing the transport sector, chapters also offer practical suggestions as to how the sector can achieve the required transformation. Legal methods are considered along with the application of new technologies and the implementation of alternative incentive structures as ways to promote sustainability and reduce emissions. Featuring contributions from leading authors from logistics, business, law and sustainability backgrounds, Sustainable and Efficient Transport demonstrates that a more integrated approach is needed at an EU level, to bring about the paradigm shift required for reducing transport emissions and making the sector more sustainable.This book will be a valuable resource for researchers working in both sustainability and transport. Lawyers, industry professionals and policy-makers will also benefit from insights in to the effectiveness of current policies and alternative solutions to contemporary challenges.


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Publisert 25. aug. 2020 12:17 - Sist endret 22. sep. 2020 14:15